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Mister Hyde, I presume?

Mister Hyde, I presume? published on 2 Comments on Mister Hyde, I presume?

Woah, momma.


So here we have it, the history of Doc Monster! I know there have been several folk guessing what was behind Doc’s appearance and his supernatural strength, and now you have an explanation. Of course, Carson Clay seems to have some objection to the tale. What do you think? And how do you think Clay will feel working with Hyde next time?

What a fun way to end up 2015. Thanks to all of you for reading and for your support!


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Well… that certainly answers a lot of questions… but raises many others. I thought the effects of the drug were temporary, the transition occurring naturally from when it was ingested to when it wore off. This seems to have caused a permanent separation of his psycho-physical being. How did the transitions occur before the Axis Device was created? How does Jekyl know Hyde’s history if neither is aware of the other? Did Hyde tell all of this to Ms. Malone at some point prior to this story? How long has Ms. Malone been dictating for Jekyl/Hyde? What were the circumstances of Jekyl/Hyde and Ms. Malone’s first meeting? And will we be seeing any other 19th century characters that are in public domain now? I guess I’ll have to wait until next year. See you then.

Oh, such good questions, John! I’ll be answering several of them as we go along. The drugs effects were indeed temporary….if they actually caused the event at all. I’m taking some liberties with the original story. As for how the transitions occurred before the invention of the Axis device, there may have been rare occasions when the transition occurred…similar to what we’ve seen with Doc being hit with the Lightning Cannon, but they would have been rare. Before Ms. Malone, I expect that they would have kept a kind of diary of their individual experiences, or perhaps phonograph recordings. Of course, if neither is aware of the other when “asleep”, how could they know the other was being truthful? It is possible that other 19th century characters may show up…but keep in mind that if Henry Jekyll was born in 1968, he is actually quite old in 1954, though he doesn’t seem to show it. Perhaps a result of the strange biology he shares with Doc?
There’s more strangeness to come! 🙂

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