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Meet Dave

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Hi there! My name is Dave Flora, and I tell stories with pictures and words.

I’ve always been interested in stories since our mom brought our first comic books home from the grocery when we were kids. Stories of superheroes, of ghosts, vampires and monsters have always fascinated me. It wasn’t long before I was drawing my own comic books on lined, notepad paper and running through the fields around the house pretending I was a hero.

I still do that.

Well, I’m more sophisticated in my efforts, perhaps. I’m a published illustrator for books, games and magazines, I’ve authored two books so far, and I’ve produced my creator-owned comics and webcomics since 2007.

And now there’s this place.

I currently work at a university, which pays the bills, but here is where my real life is. This place is my sunny field, where you can still glimpse superheroes through the high weeds.

If you come with me, I’ll show you just where to find them.

You can find me on Facebook, at my Patreon Page, and Amazon.

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I am in the middle of publishing various books and would like to ask if you would be interested in teaming up in bring back Varney the Vampire. I wish to select specific stories from the collective and would like you to assist me in illustrating the works.

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